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application development


SkyQ’s Application Services works at the intersection of cloud, mobility and analytics to create simple, effective and future ready digital solutions.
Consultancy services


SkyQ’s Consulting practice helps business leaders respond to their customers’ needs by driving digital-first transformation: from operations to technologies to people.
Data, Analytics & AI

Data, Analytics & AI

SkyQ’s data, analytics and AI services, enable organizations to deliver value across the customers’ journey by empowering users with more agile and intuitive processes.
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In digital and changing business environment, we provide much robust and authenticated services. To stand you up to the mark and get desired goal with great results.

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Effective Web development solution is the key to making your business more competitive and successful!

  • Idea
  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Success

Start with the discussion of idea

Here we understand the overall business of the client, the objectives, the strategies and the target audience. We analyze the requirements of the client and come up with path breaking ideas and solution. We also make a thorough need analysis of the technology required.


Effective business planning can be the key to your success

We approach programming in stages or iterations. Each stage sets the pace for the subsequent iteration while helping us to more carefully plan further work. The storyboard is displayed on a corkboard to help our manager to monitor development progress. This simple process organization is a key to successful results.


Here We decide a Strategy

The Decision phase is where we start to dovetail the work we are doing with the technical aspects of the project. We’ll be looking at content order, site map, key user paths and wireframes, and then start tying these in - where applicable - with the user stories being created for the technical delivery.


Ready to Deliver your project

On final approval of designs, instructions will be added for any interactive elements and then handed over to the developers to enable build to start. They'll have everything they need to assure that what they produce will match the designs created, and to deliver a fantastic build.

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We know how to reach your marketing goals with an intelligent, strategic plan coupled with creative works that gets attention and suits clients needs.

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